“Mark! This is so surreal, seeing our parents' reactions to it are some of the most cherished memories I'll ever have...You're dedicated to your craft, and it shows so well, not just in the films themselves but also in the way you treat and accommodate your clients. God bless you man, we need more people in this world like you — Erica & Amit


“DUDDDDDDE MARK!! Holy hell man that was absolutely incredible!!!!!! Absolutely blew both of our minds!!!! Nothing like a good cry on a Friday afternoon-- but all happy tears my man. You absolutely blew it out of the water I couldn't be happier and more appreciative for you doing this. We definitely owe you a few drinks after this one. You freaking nailed it my man. Many many thanks!!!” — Ashley & Matt 


“Oh my gosh, that was the most wonderful wedding video I have ever seen! Your videographer did a beautiful job of weaving in the words with  the scenes and the story.  You are incredibly lucky to have this film. It is totally about celebration, the personality of the main characters, and the joy of the evening. Treasure it, and I would too.and save the name of that videographer so I can use him!”   — Friend of Margo and Brian 

You captured our special day beautifully and I am so happy we will always have it to watch. The creativity you used to weave everything together was so different than other wedding videos I have seen. — Jesse Kain 

Mark, we LOVE the video! You are so talented. You mixed everything together so well. We had so much fun wathching it and were totally crying all over again. Lol. Thank you so much for putting so much work and heart into it.” — Carrie & Sarah 

“This is AMAZING! How did you make our love look so profound and our party so fun? We watched it 5 times in a row (crying all over ourselves, obviously)!!! You captured our story and the wedding magically with some amazing shots and awesome editing. Chai Chairs and Chai Chair footage were awesome. We're so glad that we chose you as our videographer and our friend. You're an awesome artist and we're honored to have had you with us on our big day (and the day before, and the day after, and the day after that!!!)! — Aviva & Steve


“We are obsessed! Seriously, this is amazing. I cried the whole way through it. You perfectly captured the joy, love and silliness of our wedding! We  just had the best time remembering our favorite day! Thank you thank you! Best vendor decision we made - hands down! — Kate & Cody


We LOVE our video!!! It is so beautiful, we both cried!  I have already watched it 5 times!  I really love how Jen's speech is woven into the video, that makes it so extra special. I can't wait to share it with her and our family! — Tiffany Kain 

You all were so amazing to us through this process. I am in love with not only your services but your personalities... I hope you guys enjoyed it through the lens as much as we enjoyed giving you the shots! — Cassandra & Lee 

You are awesome, we didn't want it to end! I would reccomend you to anybody! You're the sh*t" ...Thank you! — Danica & Jason 

M Y  S T O R Y

I remember taking a deep breath and clicking "send" on one of my very first wedding films. Then I remember refreshing my inbox every thirty seconds for what felt like an hour. Alas, my phone beeped and I had a video message from Adrian, the groom. He'd filmed his wife watching their Highlight for the first time. Seeing her smile through the tears rolling down her cheeks was the most satisfying moment in my professional career. 

That career started in the summer of 2011, in Denver, when I got the incredible opportunity to work on a production team creating shows for HGTV, food network, and DIY. 

A year later, I began spending a lot of time with some very special people, the international award-winning photography duo, my big sis and bro-in-law, Morgan and Amir.


Their work has a nearly indescribable allure. It's creatively brilliant, but more importantly it's emotional and honest; In the same instant, you can be captivated by the artistry and feel connected to the moment. I found that so inspiring and I wanted to understand the science and/or magic that had produced it. 


Fortunately for me, they were mostly dissatisfied

with videographers that they'd worked with. In 2013,

they gave me the honor of bringing me into their

world. To be honest, it was terrifying, but they

gave me all of the encouragement, feedback,

and inspiration that I needed. 


Turns out it's not magic, it's respect.  One of my favorite reactions from clients is "How did you do that!? We didn't even notice that you were there!" 


I am committed to minimal interference with the experience of my clients and their guests. Your wedding should look like a celebration, not a movie set.  I use long-range lenses, subtly placed microphones, and little-to-no on-camera light. I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy themselves without "feeling the camera." It's our job to capture moment, not kill the moment. 

My greatest wish is that my clients and their families can relive their first chapter in a genuine, emotional, and captivating way, for generations to come.